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Tremor Yoga

Tremor Yoga
The "Muscle of the Soul" May Be Triggering Your Fear and Anxiety
Sea of Glass Performance Hall   (click for map location)
Wednesday, Sep 02, 2015
Event Begins at 9:30 AM

1st Wednesday of Every Month

September - December, 2015

9:30-11:00 am

$40 for all four classes, $12 drop in

(all levels and abilities welcome)

All mammals are born with an innate mechanism to release stored tension, stress and trauma that has taken hold in the physical and emotional body.

Gentle vibrations, shaking, shivering and rolling are as natural to mammals as the breath itself and an essential part of the body's means of self-healing that only the human adult, through social conditioning, has unlearned.

Learn how the iliopsoas relates to overall emotional and physical well-being in the body and how to release this 'Muscle of Your Inner Wisdom'.

Reported Benefits Include:

Improved mood

Release of chronic tension & anxiety

Discharge of buried emotional & physical trauma

Increased energy & stamina

Improved sleep

Freedom from symptoms of sciatica & fibromyalgia

Lowered blood pressure

Improved circulation

Sarah Spieth and Torrey Postal deliver the NeurogenicTM/Tremor Yoga method as part of an elite group of certified instructors that consist of less than 10 members worldwide.

For more information contact:


(520) 241-8096



Blessed Feathers
Blessed Feathers

Blessed Feathers
with opening act, Brett Newski
Sea of Glass Performance Hall   (click for map location)
Friday, Sep 11, 2015
Event Begins at 7:30 PM
The Blessed Feathers will be performing as a trio with core members, musical and romantic partners Donivan Berube and Jacquelyn Beaupre, joined by guitarist Ross Severson. Donivan hails from Florida where he grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness. He taught himself guitar and grew up recording songs in his bedroom. He felt a calling to leave home and church at 17 in search of musical and spiritual expansion. He drove 36 hours from the Florida sunshine into a Wisconsin blizzard where he soon after met Jacquelyn Beaupre, who is now his partner in both music and life. Blessed Feathers arose from Donivan's solo material, which he produced while living on a farm in Farmington, WI in 2009. Their music is optimistic, gleaming with a sense of appreciation for the things around them and the things within them. The pair likes to say that Jacquelyn plays everything and Donivan plays everything else, but a better way to put it is that together, they can play anything. In 2013 Donivan and Jacquelyn left their jobs to tour full time and adopt a lifestyle of nomadic musicians. Since coming together they have produced 4 albums and are set to launch their 5th this Fall. Since going full-time on the road the Blessed Feathers have built a buzz locally and nationally, especially after an interview on NPR’s Morning Edition which went viral and stirred much controversy regarding Donivan’s decision to leave the Jehovah’s Witness church to marry outside of the faith and live a nomadic life as a traveling musician. Blessed Feathers have been featured by Paste magazine, on NPR, and in the SXSW Festival, as well as many other notable festivals and venues around the U.S. Opening performer, Brett Newski, is a folk rock singer songwriter from Milwaukee who has spent the last four years writing hundreds of songs and touring the world. In 2011 Brett bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok and spent six months recording in dirt-floored, makeshift studios in the hills of Thailand, Vietman, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. He now plays more than 200 shows a year around the world including Europe, Australia, and South Africa. Proceeds benefit teen & young adult rehabilitation programs and Avalon Organic Gardens Internships. For those in financial need, call 520-603-9932 about Avalon Organic Gardens Hands-In-The-Soil work reciprocation program (call 1 week in advance of shows)
Advance: $10.00  |  Ages 12 - 17: $7.00  |  Ages 4 - 11: $4.00
Day of Show: $15.00  |  Ages 12 - 17: $12.00  |  Ages 4 - 11: $4.00
Gary Farmer & The Troublemakers
Gary Farmer & The Troublemakers

Gary Farmer & The Troublemakers
Saturday, Sep 12, 2015
Event Begins at 7:30 PM
Award-winning actor, director, and Native American Indian activist Gary Farmer, best known for his roles in films like 'Dead Man' with Johnny Depp, 'Pow Wow Highway', 'Smoke Signals', and 'Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai' with Forrest Whitaker, brings his 5-piece blues, roots and jam band to Tucson.

Farmer was born in Ohsweken, Ontario into the Cayuga Nation and Wolf Clan of the Haudenosaunee/Iroquois Confederacy. After more than 100 appearances in television shows and movies, Farmer retired from the Screen Actors Guild and began focusing on music. Farmer chose to play the blues in homage to his Native heritage. According to Farmer, the Tuscarora Indians joined the Iroquois Confederacy around the same time that slavery was still going on in the U.S., allowing the two cultures to mix while working in the fields. Together, Native American and African music mixed and eventually formed what we know as the blues: The foundation for the modern music of today.

Gary Farmer & The Troublemakers play both originals and covers, especially the music of classic blues artists like John Lee Hooker, Taj Mahal, Etta James and Howlin’ Wolf. Farmer picked up the harmonica as a teenager and taught himself to play, jamming with bands across Canada and the U.S. When he was working as a touring actor, he would stop at clubs and sit in with the musicians. “I was on the road all my life as an actor and the harp became my friend,” he explained. “The harp has always been my voice.” Farmer was also one of the driving forces behind the launch of the Aboriginal Voices Radio Network.

Proceeds benefit teen & young adult rehabilitation programs and Avalon Organic Gardens Internships. For those in financial need, call 520-603-9932 about Avalon Organic Gardens Hands-In-The-Soil work reciprocation program (call 1 week in advance of shows).
Advance: $13.00  |  Ages 12 - 17: $10.00  |  Ages 4 - 11: $4.00
Day of Show: $18.00  |  Ages 12 - 17: $15.00  |  Ages 4 - 11: $4.00
Climate Engineering - An Imminent Danger

View Film Trailer
Climate Engineering - An Imminent Danger
A Tucson Call To Action
Sea of Glass Performance Hall   (click for map location)
Saturday, Sep 19, 2015
Event Begins at 2:30 PM

Are you worried about the planet warming at an astounding pace? We are calling together, uniting, and educating Tucson Area residents who share a growing concern about the ongoing climate engineering/weather modification/chemical toxicity destroying our planet. (Mathematically, this the greatest single negative influence on the Earth’s climate system).

For us to have any chance of exposing and halting the climate engineering insanity, we must stand on solid ground in regard to the facts. Credibility is essential. We plan to express the importance of examining the current data from the front lines to build solid and substantiated conclusions and possible solutions.

This is the first in a series of FREE public education events organized and funded exclusively by concerned local citizens and organizations.

The event will feature:

Dane Wigington –via Skype – Founder of GeoengineeringWatch.org,

A screening of Look Up!, a documentary about chemtrails by George Barnes, and

A panel of participants who will share their unique encounters with weather modification.

There will be time to ask questions and discuss solutions to uncover the next steps toward action.

Earth Harmony Festival

Earth Harmony Festival
Saturday, Oct 03, 2015
Sunday, Oct 04, 2015
Event Begins at 10:30 AM

Mother Earth shares everything of herself with her children, and it is time we share more, take less, respect and preserve her natural beauty. Humanity needs to come out of the age of greed and competition and into the age of love and cooperation.
Through education, understanding, selflessness, and a commitment to peace and unity without uniformity, we can be a part of restoring the balance to our own lives and to the planet. The Earth Harmony Festival is about creating Light & Life. It is a celebration and an honoring of all things beautiful, true, and good.

The Earth Harmony Festival is an all-ages event with hands-on activities for the whole family:
• Live Music
• Food
• Arts & Crafts
• Eco Booths
• Organic Garden & Eco-Village Tours
• Children's Village Activities
• Camping
• Pony Rides
• Fun & Friendship

Admission to the festival is FREE. Tours and activities by donation.

Held at Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage. 2074 Pendleton Dr., Tumacacori, AZ. For more information call (520) 398-2542 or visit http://earthharmonyfestival.org

Proceeds support Avalon Gardens Internship Programs and the Global Community Communications Schools for Teen & Children.

VansGuard at the Earth Harmony Festival

VansGuard at the Earth Harmony Festival
Saturday, Oct 03, 2015
Sunday, Oct 04, 2015
Event Begins at 11:00 AM
VansGuard will be performing at the annual Earth Harmony Festival at Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage in Tumacacori! Stay tuned for details.

Harold Jones'

Harold Jones' "Ode To Godot" Photography Exhibit
Held in the CosmoArt Studio
CosmoArt Studio
Tuesday, Oct 06, 2015
Sunday, Oct 25, 2015
Event Begins at 10:00 AM
In celebration of his 75th birthday, join us in the CosmoArt Studio October 6th through October 25th for “Ode To Godot”, an exhibition of photographer, Harold Jones’ recent works.

Harold Jones (b. 1940) has contributed to photography as an artist, educator, curator, and arts administrator. Born in Morristown, NJ, he graduated with a BFA in Painting and Photography from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and an MFA in Art History and Photography from the University of New Mexico. In 1971, Jones became the first director of LIGHT Gallery in New York City, the first gallery to exclusively represent contemporary photographers such as Harry Callahan, Aaron Siskind, and Frederick Sommer. He would later go on to become the founding director of the Center for Creative Photography in Tucson, AZ, and to start the photography program at the University of Arizona where he taught for 30 years. Presently he is professor emeritus and volunteer coordinator of the Voices of Photography oral history project at the Center.

Harold Jones’s photography is difficult to categorize, and there are no generalizations that satisfactorily describe his varied body of work. His original training in painting and photography led to a practice that Jones referred to as “photodrawings” – gelatin silver prints worked with a variety of hand-colored surfaces. The resulting images are unique and cannot be duplicated. Jones’ approach has varied within his unaltered prints as well. He has worked with both multiple and long-duration exposures to capture motion.

Jones’s subjects are everyday objects arranged in compositions that require viewing and re-viewing. The photographer has described his delight in the process in which a person moves beyond a superficial reading of his work for closer inspection. His images reinforce the idea that a world continues beyond the picture plane; that one is seeing a fragment of a larger whole. Although he often photographs mundane objects, such as a water tower or laundry hanging, his unusual vantage points or unexpected cropping, produce a range of effects from humor to mystery.

Prints of Harold’s works will be available for sale at the Sacred Treasures store next to the CosmoArt Studio. For more information call 520-307-5192.

Earth Harmony Sustainability Seminar

Earth Harmony Sustainability Seminar
How to Build an EcoVillage
Avalon Gardens, Tumacácori, Arizona   (click for map location)
Thursday, Oct 22, 2015
Sunday, Oct 25, 2015
Event Begins at 9:00 AM
Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage invites you to join us in an exciting and innovative approach to community development and cultural enhancement. Our model community of 115+ men, women, and children is an experimental prototype intentional community designed to be replicated throughout the world, and is the largest EcoVillage in the United States. For over 25 years we have been working in cooperation in constructing this learning center in our efforts to share the fruit of our labor with other planetary citizens.

We are offering people, individuals and groups alike, the opportunity to come and learn about our method of sustainability through practical advice. We'll be providing the necessary knowledge and tools to replicate this model of living anywhere. The world is rapidly changing and many of our resources are being mismanaged and/or are in very short supply. It is with the utmost sense of responsibility and accountability that we share this wealth of information with you.

Additional Details

A certificate of completion is given for the Earth Harmony Sustainability Seminar.
Register a month or more in advance for only $500 and save $200! Pay $250 at time of registration (non-refundable) and $250 upon arrival. Includes housing and organic meals for duration of stay.
Registration less than one month in advance is $700.
Camping is optional and is included in the price. Please bring your own tent and a good sleeping bag, as it can get nippy at night. If you need a tent, we can provide one for $7/night.
A tour of the facilities will be held on Thursday.

OPTIONAL: Come Wednesday & Thursday for 2 days of mini-internship, hands-on in the soil. $150 extra for 2 days (recommended as it is only half-price).

This Earth Harmony Sustainability Seminar is for those who really want to try to start their own EcoVillage and explains what that will take. Although it has information on sustainability, it is not a Hands-in-the-Soil experience. It is academic in nature. If you want a Hands-in-the-Soil experience, it would be best to come and take an agricultural internship.

Sherry Finzer Trio
Sherry Finzer Trio

Sherry Finzer Trio
Saturday, Oct 24, 2015
Event Begins at 7:30 PM
Timeless Beauty from The Sherry Finzer Trio

Imagine a breath of ancient breeze stirring the fabled Aeolian strings, accompanied by the rhythms of distant thunder and gentle rain on your window pane, and you’ll have an inkling of the subtle, sophisticated sounds of The Sherry Finzer Trio: timeless music as old as the earth and sky, yet as new as tomorrow’s sunrise.

Featuring international award-winning multi-flutist and Heart Dance Records recording artist Sherry Finzer on concert C, alto and bass flutes; luthier and guitarist Darin Mahoney playing his self-built koa and cedar acoustic six-string; and seven-time GRAMMY® Nominee Will Clipman on pan-global percussion, this genre-transcending trio blends the depth of classical discipline with the down-home soulfulness of American roots music and the percolating polyrhythms of worldbeat to create an entirely original sound that is at once soothing and energizing. Renowned Echoes Radio host John Diliberto has described Sherry’s sound as “winged chamber music”.

Having recently returned from a tour in Australia, Sherry brings a fresh international perspective to her first headlining appearance in Tucson, as befits the themes of Global Change Media, the parent organization behind Sea Of Glass--Center for the Arts. Sherry, Darin and Will are each inspired in different ways by the daily miracles to be found in nature and the inexhaustible creativity of human nature; so the trio’s music also connects in a mutually complimentary way with GCM’s themes of environmental sustainability and social responsibility, making this concert a perfect match between artist and venue.
Advance: $10.00  |  Ages 12 - 17: $7.00  |  Ages 4 - 11: $4.00
Day of Show: $15.00  |  Ages 12 - 17: $12.00  |  Ages 4 - 11: $4.00
William Eaton Ensemble
William Eaton Ensemble

William Eaton Ensemble
Friday, Nov 20, 2015
Event Begins at 7:30 PM
World Chamber Fusion with The William Eaton Ensemble

Spiraling upward into the ether like a hawk on a thermal or tapping into bedrock like the roots of an ancient tree, the soaring harmonies and deep grooves of The William Eaton Ensemble are inspired and inspiring. Widely acknowledged as the world’s foremost designer and builder of innovative multi-stringed instruments, William Eaton is a founder and co-Director of the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery, a four-time GRAMMY® Nominee and a 2015 recipient of the Arizona Governor’s Arts Award.

Eaton’s arsenal of otherworldy instruments requires the accompaniment of extraordinarily accomplished and versatile musicians, and for twenty-five years he has surrounded himself with a cast of Arizona’s finest: Claudia Tulip on classical and world flutes and vocals; Allen Ames on violin, Violira, mandolin and guitar; GRAMMY® Nominee Mary Redhouse on bass, Native American flutes and vocals; and seven-time GRAMMY® Nominee Will Clipman on pan-global percussion.

This quintessentially Southwestern quintet blends classical sophistication with the rollicking energy of bluegrass, the improvisational inventiveness of jazz, the spiritual resonance of Native America and the irresistible grooviness of worldbeat in a completely original sound they call world chamber fusion. They’ll perform selections from their three critically-acclaimed Canyon Records albums, which will be available for purchase and signing at the show, as well as taking the audience where no one has gone before with their in-the-moment creative wizardry.
Advance: $17.00  |  Ages 12 - 17: $14.00  |  Ages 4 - 11: $4.00
Day of Show: $22.00  |  Ages 12 - 17: $19.00  |  Ages 4 - 11: $4.00
The Crystal Trio

The Crystal Trio
From Siberia
Sea of Glass Performance Hall   (click for map location)
Friday, Mar 11, 2016
Event Begins at 7:30 PM
In 2001 far away in Siberia, Russia, a group known as Crystal Trio began performing on crystal glass. Today these professional musicians: Igor Sklyarov, Vladimir Popras and Vladimir Perminov, play special instruments made from glass: Glass Harp, Verrophone and Glass Panflute Bass. Glass Music, an ancient art that had success in many noble houses of Europe, Russia and North America in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, was often included as an integral part of the symphony orchestra. Crystal Trio continues to develop the tradition of musical glass by playing well-known classical and popular modern works, as well as tunes specifically written for glass instruments.
The current repertoire includes variations of popular classical melodies of Mozart, Boccherini, Glinka, and Vivaldi, in addition to original pieces written specifically for crystal glass. The mysterious, gentle murmurs of crystal glass allow the listener to understand known melodies in a new fashion; it opens secret, unexpected sides of classical musical pieces. Glass Music is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Recently Crystal Trio held a series of concert tours, playing in Russia, Europe and Japan. One journalist asked the musicians: “What is the secret of extraction of sounds from a glass?” The musicians answered, “It is very important how the fingers adjoin to glass. It is a skill of touch.” The secret of the special sound in the crystal (also known as a harmonic glass or harmonic crystal) is hidden in the special designs of the musical instruments. Also, the skill of touching the thin sides of the glass flasks on the Verrophone and glass harp and the continuous stream of air on the glass-flute contribute to this heavenly sound.
The sound of the harmonic glass will remind you of the murmur of a mountain stream, a soft, windy breeze, or mysterious wordless singing. This special art of playing on a harmonic glass reaches back many centuries, and it was widely performed by the royal orchestras and theatres between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. For a long time this art form was forgotten, but during the twentieth century it regained popularity. Crystal Trio is one of the first professional ensembles who have returned to this type of music, and they have performed for audiences worldwide. Proceeds benefit teen & young adult rehabilitation programs and Avalon Organic Gardens Internships. For those in financial need, call 520-603-9932 about Avalon Organic Gardens Hands-In-The-Soil work reciprocation program (call 1 week in advance of shows).
Advance: $15.00  |  Ages 12 - 17: $12.00  |  Ages 4 - 11: $4.00
Day of Show: $20.00  |  Ages 12 - 17: $17.00  |  Ages 4 - 11: $4.00